That’s right, almost everything is 10% off this month. Scentsy is having another sale. We are getting ready for the new catalog (coming in March). We have to clear some space so almost everything is on sale this month.

The Love Scentsy Warmer, Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar, Luna Washer Whiffs, Amazon Rain Bath Bomb, Calavera Scentsy Warmer, Live Simply Scentsy Warmer, Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy, Coconut Lemongrass Counter Clean, Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bar, Scentsy Go, Scentsy Bulbs, Clothesline Dryer Disks, Sunkissed Citrus Kitchen Soap, Mollie the Monkey Buddy Clip, Sea Salt & Avocado Body Cream, Jammy Time Laundry Liquid, Scentsy Diffusers, Skinny Dippin’ Body Wash, My Dear Watson Scentsy Bar, Charity Scentsy Warmer, Lucky in Love Fragrance Roller and more Scentsy products are all 10% off in the month of February. Stock up now. This is just a short list. Almost ALL of our products are on sale.

There is also a special Scentsy Diffuser Deal that includes a Scentsy Diffuser and 3 Scentsy Natural Oils all for the price of a Diffuser minus 10%!!! This is the time to get your Scentsy Diffuser!

You can always browse and order from my website or feel free to reach out if you would like help. My number is 520-981-5251.