Ok, so this post, like many others is highly biased. However, I will give you several facts that make Scentsy  the best direct sales opportunity.

What makes Scentsy so great?

Here we go. Are you ready?

  1. The products are great. Ok, let me elaborate. The Scentsy warmers are beautiful and the wax smells better and lasts longer than the competition. Our Laundry, Cleaning, Body and kids products are also excellent and well loved by the customers.Bundle & Save
  2. The products are highly addictive and consumable. That means that customers NEED more and they will come back again and again and again to feed their Scentsy habit. Most of my customers are repeat buyers of Scentsy Wax but I have a growing number of Washer Whiff addicts as well. The consumable nature of the product allows me to build my business steadily and have a predictable income.
  3. The products are a great value. I do encounter people that buy “cheaper” wax at Wal-mart or some other store but when they really pay attention, they realize that Scentsy is a better value. First of all our product smells waaaay better. Secondly, it lasts a lot longer and fills a large room with fragrance. BTW, if you wan’t a lighter scent, you can put in less wax. I have even cut a wax cube in half before. Competitors are usually only detectable if you are within arms reach of the warmers. When you do the math, you will pay less for Scentsy because you can buy less. There is a difference between cheap and value. I proud to sell a product that has VALUE.
  4. Easy to get free shipping. This makes it easy to sell. People love free shipping. If a party exceeds $200 in sales, it gets free shipping (to a single address). I have bought from other direct sales companies in which every person at the party had to pay for shipping regardless of the party total. Believe me, this is a big deal. Nobody wants to pay for shipping.
  5. Great host rewards. We have very generous host rewards. For example, if a party totals $500 in sales, the hostess would get $75 in free product credit and 3 half price items. The hostess can choose the items that they want unlike other companies that choose the rewards for you. Trust me, people LOVE our rewards.
  6. Scentsy helps me make more money. We are ALWAYS introducing new products. This allows me to sell more. We have 2 catalog seasons every year. Each new catalog introduces new warmers and scents. The scents are seasonal so the Fall/Winter scents are here from September to February and then in March the Spring/Summer scents come along and stay until August. This creates urgency for people to buy one of their favorites before it disappears for a while. There is also a lot of excitement when the new scents come out. We also have a “Bring Back my Bar” offering twice a year which allows customers to vote and buy some of the most popular retired Scents. This also allows me to get more sales. Every month, we have a Scent and Warmer of the month that is only sold for one month (at a 10% discount) and these are often big sellers. There are also limited edition Scentsy Buddies which are adorable and the kids love them.Bring Back my Bar
  7. FREE VACATIONS. I looooove to travel and I love it even more when it is free. Since I joined Scentsy in 2012, I have earned trips to the Bahamas, Charleston SC, Cancun, 2 cruises and Punta Cana. These trips are always top notch and tons of fun.
  8. Great Support and integrity. Scentsy truly wants consultants to succeed. They are always trying to do the best for the customers and consultants. The warranties are very generous and the support offered to consultants is over whelming. I also have to say that if you join my team, I will do all I can to support you. This is my job. In fact, my husband also helps. We have built the business enough that he was able to come home and work with me full time. We are committed to help our team.
  9. A wonderful family. I have soooo many great friends who are also Scentsy consultants. I have met them at the trips and/or Scentsy conventions and they really are like family. We always support and encourage each other with our business but also with our families and lives. I also have many wonderful customers who have become dear friends.
  10. Low cost to join. You can start your Scentsy business for only $99. Your starter kit has more than $99 in products. Several times a year we have specials where you get even more in the kit. We even have the chance to join for $49 at times. When this occurs, you get a modified starter kit.
  11. You can work your business your way. The only requirement is that you sell $200 in a single month once every 3 months. That will ensure that you stay active. If something happens and you are unable to meet that requirement, you can rejoin Scentsy for free after 3 months.

What does all of this mean?

Like I said, I’m biased. However, I have been doing this long enough to see how great Scentsy is. It has truly been a life changing opportunity for me. I started in 2012 and have steadily grown my business. I am able to stay home with our 2 sons. In April of 2017 my husband was able to say goodbye to his unfulfilling job and we work together. We have enough income to make it work and we have never been happier.

All of these reasons will enable you to succeed (by your definition). Success for you could be making a lot of money, earning free trips, being part of a wonderful community, earning a little fun money or something else.

Not everyone will work their business the way I have. I know that. The great thing is, you can do it however you want to. Maybe you love your job and wouldn’t dream of leaving it. You can just sell Scentsy to a couple of co-workers/friends and make a little fun money. Maybe you are recently retired and just want something to do. Scentsy is a great opportunity. There are also some tax advantages to having your own business.

If you just moved to a new area, a Scentsy business can be a great way to meet people. That’s what happened to me. When I started I had recently moved into a new area. I had my launch party at my home. I invited all of my neighbors and have made some wonderful friends from that 1st party. Oh, yeah they are also customers:)

Whatever your situation is, whatever your reason is, I would love to help you. If you are thinking about joining Scentsy, please contact me. My number is 520-981-5251.