3 reasons you should join Scentsy in August 2018.

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3 reasons you should join Scentsy in August 2018.

Ok, so really anytime is a great time to join Scentsy. However, I wanted to share with you some exciting things that are going on right now. If you are considering joining Scentsy, August would be a great time to go for it.

Here goes, in no particular order. Here are 3 reasons to join Scentsy in August.

1. The Fall/Winter season is about to begin.

It’s true. We launch the new Scentsy Catalog September 1st. People LOVE the Fall/Winter products and Scents. It is the best time of the year to sell Scentsy. Everyone wants there home to smell great. Holidays are coming. People are having parties and family gatherings. People love the holiday warmers for their decor. etc, etc.

2. You get extra Scentsy Testers.

Scentsy Testers are the little “samples” of Scentsy Wax that you can show people. They smell them and choose which scents they like. Well, because this is a transition month, you get the testers for the season that is ending (Spring/Summer) as well as the new ones for Fall/Winter. You don’t pay any more, you just get more.

3. You get the Disney Princess Wax Collection!!!

What? That’s right Scentsy has partnered with Disney and we will be rolling out the Disney Collection in September. However, if you join Scentsy in August you will get all 4 of the Disney Princess Wax Bars. You can’t even buy these until September.

Disney Princess Wax Collection

There are so many other reasons to join Scentsy at any time.

If you want to know more, please contact me at 520-981-5251. I would love to talk about it and answer any questions you may have.

If you are ready to JOIN, CLICK HERE!!!


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Christy Grant is an independent Scentsy Consultant and is the owner of Buy & Sell Scents. She has been working with Scentsy for over 6 years and when she is not working or aiding customers she is taking care of her little ones!

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