Did you know that there is a Scentsy Summer Collection?

That’s right, for a limited time we have a wonderful offering of Scentsy products for the Summer. In this post I will highlight 5 of my favorites. You can check out the whole Scentsy Summer Collection HERE.

1. Summer Bath Bombs!!!

Ok, so technically, there are 3 new summer Scentsy Bath Bombs but I love them all so I’m only using one slot to highlight the bath bombs. Beach Daisy offers honeydew melon, wild daisies and green apple. Marine waters, mandarin and driftwood will have the sand tickling your toes with the Life is Swell Bath Bomb. Finally Pink Promenade features Pink pomegranate, prosecco and wild raspberry. My favorite is Life is Swell. It gives me that spa type aroma. I also like beach daisy a lot. It is a wonderful blend of fruit and flowers.Life is Swell Scentsy Bath Bomb

2. Beach Bungalow Scentsy Warmer!!!

This little bungalow is so cute. When you turn it on, it lights up like somebody is home. It creates such a sun and summery atmosphere in your home. I love it. It has so many cute details like the palm trees, surf boards, front/back steps, cute windows and more. It is adorable!Beach Bungalow Scentsy Warmer

3. Beach Daisy Laundry Bundle!!!

I know I said that the Life is Swell Bath bomb is my favorite. However, for my laundry, I think I prefer the Beach Daisy Laundry Bundle. It smells so wonderful but not too strong. I love the floral/fruit blend. All Summer Laundry Bundles come with a 20 oz. Laundry liquid and two 16 oz. Washer Whiffs. Laundry bundles are also available in Life is Swell, Pink Promenade and Neroli Blossom.Beach Daisy Scentsy Laundry Bundle

4. Ory the Orca Scentsy Buddy!!!

She is soooo cute. All Scentsy Buddies include a zippered pouch that holds your favorite Scent Pak. For Ory I would recommend the By the Sea Scent Pak. Ory the Orca Scentsy Buddy

5. Beach Daisy Scentsy Bar!!!

Ok well, I guess that Beach Daisy is my favorite Summer Scentsy fragrance over all. Scents are hard to appreciate when you read a description. You simply must try this one. The melon and apple smell really blends wonderfully with the scent of daisies. I love it!Beach Daisy Scentsy Bar

So there you have it! Those are my 5 picks from the Scentsy Summer Collection. If you are interested, you better hurry. They are only here while supplies last. Don’t worry though, we always have a huge selection of wonderful fragrances and other products.