Welcome to the internet in 2018. You can do so much. You can order products form your phone. You can sell products from your phone. There are many websites where individuals can buy and sell. It’s a wonderful time to be alive. With sites like Amazon, Ebay and even Facebook and Craigslist as well as other websites or apps it is easier than ever to conduct transactions. However. there are some good reasons not to use these type of sites to buy Scentsy products. Let me give you 5 reasons.

Why you should only buy Scentsy from an official consultant.

  1. You are likely to pay more when you order Scentsy from someone other than a consultant. If someone is selling Scentsy on a 3rd party platform they are going to want to make a profit. Well they have to charge more for the product or for the shipping to make some money. The are also not likely to get the “bundle & save” deals that you can get from a consultant. If this person happens to be a Scentsy consultant, then they are breaking company rules and will likely get caught and shut down. You may not get the items you’ve paid for.
  2. If you order from someone else you will be likely to get older products. The scented products can loose their scent over time and become stale. If you order from a consultant you will get fresh Scents.
  3. If you order Scentsy from a consultant you can form a relationship and they can recommend the best products that will meet your needs perfectly.
  4. A Scentsy consultant can help you get host rewards. You can get free and half price products if you place an order of greater than $200. That may seem like a lot of Scentsy but I have people do that frequently. If you like, you can team up with a friend or relative to reach that total and then you can split the rewards.
  5. A Scentsy consultant can also help you get free shipping. Again you will need an order of greater than $200.

These are 5 reasons that you should work with a Scentsy consultant. You may have more. Please note, that in order to qualify for rewards products and free shipping you will need to contact the consultant and they can submit the order for you. Otherwise you can do it directly through their website.

Scentsy Bars

What if I don’t want to talk to a pushy salesperson?

I understand that concern. I don’t either. We live in a world where we can book travel, order food, shop for EVERYTHING, etc. etc. all without having to talk to a human. Personally, I think that is good in some cases and in some cases I’d like to get assistance from a living, breathing human being.

If you prefer to shop on your own then feel free to browse my site. I would recommend you check out the Specials menu.

If you would like some advice/assistance or if you think that you will qualify for rewards and free shipping, then please contact me and I will help you get the best possible deal. You can reach me through my website or by calling 520-981-5251.

I’m in Arizona but I do have customers all over the country. If you prefer to deal with someone local, I may also be able to help. I have team members all over the country as well.