5 tips for married couples that are both working from home.


My husband and I have been working together now for about 3 years. It’s really been more like 8 years, but we have built our Scentsy business enough that he was able to quit his “day job” about 3 years ago. We have been at home working together since April of 2017 and we have learned some things that may help others who are working together. As of this writing, we are in the midst of the great quarantine of 2020.


Check out these 5 tips for married couples that are both working from home.

1. Good communication:

This is possibly the most important tip. If you are working/living under the same roof, it is very important to have good communication. He or She cannot read your mind. You need to express your needs, wants, etc.

My husband and I actually have meetings once in a while. We should really do it more often. It might be useful to do it daily. They don’t have to take long. Five or Ten minutes may be enough. Just a little focused time to discuss what your plans for the day are and what you may or may not need from your spouse.

It doesn’t matter if you are a family business or if you both work for other entities, if you are working in the same building, you will benefit from good communication.


2. Stay busy:

People often tell us that they couldn’t imagine working with their spouse. We’ve also often heard about how couples have a hard time when one or both of them retire. We’ve really never had these issues and I think a big part of it is that one or both of us is always busy. We are working on our respective duties and we don’t have time for conflict to arise.

We both have our respective duties. I deal with most of the customers and am the face of the business. My husband does a lot with online marketing, maintaining my website and he will help customers/team members when I’m too busy or unavailable.

He doesn’t spend as much time on the business as I do, so he has actually started delivering food for Uber Eats and Grub Hub. That keeps him out of the house for a few hours a day.


3. Turn it off:

This is important and I confess that I don’t do a good enough job. I need to have a quitting time every day and guard my family time in the evenings and weekends. I recommend that you do a better job than I do.

When working from home, it’s easy to work too much. Be careful to limit your hours.


4. Take Turns:

This is especially true if you have pre-school children at home or if they are home during a quarantine. Our boys are both in day care because it’s difficult to get work done and give them the attention they need when they are home. Our day care has been closed during the quarantine. We have to take turns giving them attention while the other works.


5. Good Smelling work place:

Of course, I had to put this one in there. It’s very important to have a pleasant work place and no one wants a stinky office. Click HERE and you can find anything you need to make sure your home office smells great. You can always contact me if you would like assistance.

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In all seriousness, it is important to have a pleasant work space. You should set up space for both of you to be able to function efficiently.


These are just a few tips. If you have any tips, please comment below.


Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home 🙂