Christy Grant
Independent Scentsy Family Consultant
(520) 981-5251
Hi there!
I heard about starting my own SCENTSY business in 2011 from my cousin. She told me about a couple who was selling Scentsy full-time & doing very well at it.  My husband & I looked at each other & said, “If they can do that; we can do that!”
I joined in April 2012. We went to our first Scentsy Family Reunion, did our first home & garden show & were off & running.  My business has continued to grow ever since. SuperStar Director here I come! 🙂
I live in Tucson Arizona but have customers & team members all over the country (& some in Canada). So if you live in Houston Texas, Seattle Washington, Los Angeles, California or anywhere in between, I’d love to work w/ you.
I love meeting people & sharing products that I love & actually use myself. I don’t feel that I am a saleswoman. I believe in the Scentsy products, am excited about them, & love sharing Scentsy. I never saw myself in direct sales but absolutely love it. I love relationships & people in general.
We have a two year old son and another child on the way. Scentsy is perfect for our family. I can stay home, take care of our child/children, & still contribute to the family income. In fact, my husband left his job of 17 years and is now working the business with me. We love the freedom that comes with our Scentsy business.
My cousin has been successfully supplementing her income as a Scentsy Consultant for over six years; I am now doing that!  My husband & I use the Scentsy products in our own home & think they smell wonderful!  I really enjoy meeting new people, making friends & sharing Scentsy. I have made so many friends through the common bond of Scentsy & am very grateful for what Scentsy has brought into my life & that of my family.
If you are interested in ORDERING SCENTSY PRODUCTSHOSTING A SCENTSY PARTY or becoming a SCENTSY CONSULTANT, feel free to contact me. I would LOVE to help you save money when you order Scentsy. My cell is 520.981.5251.
For those interested in JOINING MY SCENTSY TEAM, I am committed to my Scentsy business & to my team. I want to do my best to be available & help my team be successful w/ their own Scentsy businesses. My husband plays an active role in my business & often times helps me advise my team.
I love helping others acheive with Scentsy and enjoy the experience of running a Scentsy business.  I can assist you w/ all of your Scentsy needs!  Please feel free to contact me at 520.981.5251.. I would love to visit w/ you further! 🙂
Scentsy really promotes a family concept.  My fellow Scentsy consultants & customers (even those who only order Scentsy products once) are all part of my Scentsy family, & I love working w/ you all.
God bless!!
UPDATE!! July 2015
I have now an Independent Scentsy Consultant for almost 3 1/2 yrs. We recently adopted our newborn son, & I can stay home w/ him & still run my Scentsy business. I am so glad we started this journey three and a half years ago, especially now that I am a Mom.
My husband & I have earned all the incentive trips that have been offered since we joined. This last fall we earned our first incentive trip for 2!
Since I have started my Scentsy journey, I have made more friends, grown as a person & am more comfortable in front of people. I highly recommend you go for it!
May 2016
How fast time flies! I have been selling Scentsy for over four years & still absolutely love it! My son is growing up so quickly. He loves messing w/ my Scentsy bars!
I continue to work my Scentsy business & earn the incentive trips; it becomes easier & easier as time passes. I am continually building my Scentsy business & am very blessed to have this as my career.
I appreciate you taking the time to read my story!
From a couple of my team members & customers!
Christy has been such an inspiration to me. She made it very easy for me to decide to join her Scentsy team because of her passion & love for the products.
–Cathy S. – Tucson Arizona
I want to thank Christy Grant for helping me w/ some ideas & my website. She has just been wonderful & is always there to help me.
 –Sharla L. – Kansas City Missouri
I feel like Christy Grant was a friend & mentor from the first time I met her at the Home Show! She is a GREAT INSPIRATION as a Scentsy Leader but also caring, supportive, kind person w/ a heart of GOLD & a SPARKLING personality! Thanks for ALL you do, Christy!
–Carrie J. – Marana Arizona
I have been to many direct sales parties, but Christy’s Scentsy Party was by far the most fun. She is not high pressure. It was a lot of fun!
–Maeve H. – Marana Arizona
I feel like Christy is my friend not just my Scentsy Consultant. I have other direct sales consultants I work with that are high pressure. She is not. I love that about her.
–Katie B. – Tucson Arizona