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Cheap Scentsy?

I admit it. That title is click bait.

Cheap Scentsy products do not exist.

However, I want to help you get the best VALUE on your Scentsy products.


During the month of February, almost all Scentsy products are 10% off. Some products are excluded such as charitable cause products, licensed products and a few special bundles.

Now is your chance to stock up on Scentsy. Order now and get 10% off.

I recommend getting a bundle of 6 Scentsy Bars for $27. That comes out to $4.50 per bar. Bars usually sell for $6. Get the bundle of 6 for the best value.

Check out all of the Scentsy Warmers and Diffusers too.

Feel free to browse all Scentsy Products. Like I said, almost everything is on sale.

There are no cheap Scentsy products, but now is a great time to get a great value.

If I can help, please don’t hesitate to call or text.





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About the Author:

Christy Grant is an independent Scentsy Consultant and is the owner of Buy & Sell Scents. She has been working with Scentsy for over 6 years and when she is not working or aiding customers she is taking care of her little ones!

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