“Country Living” is not an official name but it is what I’m calling this curated collection of Scentsy Warmers. These are all available in the current Scentsy Catalog and I think they are adorable. These are the type of warmers that would fit in with a farmhouse or country themed decor. If that is not your thing, please check out our entire collection of Scentsy Warmers. I’m sure we have something you would like.

“Country Living” Scentsy Warmers.

A Spoonful Scentsy Warmer. This adorable element warmer is modeled after an old-fashioned sugar tin. Perfect for the kitchen.

A Spoonful Scentsy Warmer


Country Canister Scentsy Warmer. This is another element warmer and this one has it’s own little chalkboard (a piece of chalk is included). Write your own label or message on this enamelware inspired piece.

Country Canister Scentsy Warmer


Farmhouse Family Scentsy Warmer. “Together is our favorite place to be” is the simple message on this simple yet delightful warmer. It is a glowing homage to time well spent.

Farmhouse Family Scentsy Warmer



Gather Together Scentsy Warmer. This element warmer is modeled after a vintage canister displaying a simple yet important message.

Gather Together Scentsy Warmer


Vintage Crock Scentsy Warmer. This handsome piece is modeled after an enamelware milk can with a vintage rooster sign. Perfect for the kitchen.

Vintage Crock Scentsy Warmer


Rustic Garden Scentsy Warmer. This amazing warmer is actually made of galvanized metal. Sporting a lone star, Rustic Garden has an urban farmhouse vibe.

Rustic Garden Scentsy Warmer


Prairie Pitcher Scentsy Warmer. This warmer is finished with weathered-like detailing for a pitcher-perfect country chic vibe.

Prairie Pitcher


Lone Star Scentsy Warmer. The Lone Star Scentsy Warmer displays a rustic star over a pattern of reclaimed barn wood. You will love it.

Lone Star Scentsy Warmer




Live Simply Scentsy Warmer. The muted styling and the simple message of this warmer remind us to “Live Simply”.

Live Simply Scentsy Warmer


Country Light Lampshade Scentsy Warmer. Create a distinct bohemian vibe with thick curved glass, antiqued window pane accents and a weathered wood base.

Country Light Scentsy Warmer


Chasing Fireflies Scentsy Warmer. This pale blue canning jar styled warmer will take you back to your childhood as you proudly display your firefly collection. This playful warmer is a Scentsy family favorite. In fact it’s one of our top sellers of all time.


There you go! These are my picks for the “Country Living” Scentsy Warmers. I know there are a few more that I could include but I’ll leave it to you to decide which ones you like. Check out all of our warmers and choose for yourself.


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