Have you see the all new Enrich Scentsy Diffuser?

Enrich Scentsy Diffuser

Check out the Enrich Diffuser. This thing is beautiful. When the light is off you see the gorgeous floral design.

But, when you turn the LEDs on, you will see the amazing floral light show. As the LEDs change color you will see the beautiful, vibrant floral light show that will take your breath away.

Like all Scentsy Diffusers you can use the diffuser with or without the LED feature.

However, this is so beautiful, you will want to leave the lights on all the time. BTW, you can use the LEDs without the diffuser as well.

All Scentsy Diffusers have a limited lifetime warranty. That is also great!!!

Use our diffusers with Scentsy Oils or your favorite brand if you prefer.

You can use simple tap water in your Scentsy Diffuser.


Please, browse our entire selection of  Scentsy Diffusers. Enrich is a beautiful choice, but hey, they are all beautiful.

Don’t forget, our diffusers all have that limited lifetime warranty.


As always, if you need help with anything Scentsy, please call or text.












Below are pictures of the same diffuser. The LEDs cycle through 12 different colors.

Enrich Diffuser Purple