I’m so excited!!! Next week I will be going to Anaheim California for Scentsy Family Reunion 2018. That’s what we call our convention. Scentsy is really like a family so every year we have a Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR).

Well, as I’m thinking about packing I don’t want to forget to bring Scentsy along with me so I can enjoy the amazing Scentsy Fragrance. We are staying at an AirBnB. My husband, 2 sons and our niece are all coming with me for the trip.

In the past I have used Scentsy Mini Warmers while traveling but I don’t think I will this time. We have so many Scentsy Fragrance options that I had to narrow my list down to 5 great products.

1. Scentsy Go.

Scentsy Go

The Scentsy Go is a portable, compact, cordless fragrance system designed to enliven any small space with Scentsy signature scents. It is battery powered and you charge it with a USB cable. The charge lasts for about 40 hours. You place Scentsy Pods in the Scentsy Go and turn it on and enjoy. It is perfect for traveling. Each Scentsy Pod will give you about 120 hours of fragrance. We have Pods in over 20 amazing Scentsy fragrances. I will charge up my Scentsy Go before I leave home and then I should be good to go for the week. We won’t leave it on all the time and frankly we won’t really be at the AirBnB during the day much. It will be perfect.

2. Travel Tin.

3 Travel Tins

Scentsy Travel Tins are another great option. They are little metal boxes with Scentsy fragrance inside. You can open the lid a little or a lot to release more fragrance. They are perfect for a hotel room or office.

3. Car Bars and Scent Circles.

Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Car Bar3 Scentsy Scent Circles

These are similar products and I use both. I haven’t decided which I like better. I think the Car Bars last longer but I still use the Scent Circles a lot as well. I can’t really explain why. They are both great for hanging from the rear view mirror and giving your vehicle a great Scentsy fragrance. We are driving to Anaheim so these will be great. However, I always have them in my vehicles. You should know that Car Bars and Scent Circles contain fragrance oil. They should hang freely. If they are touching something in the car they could heat up in a parked car and cause damage. I hang them from the rear view mirror and those hooks in ceiling of the back seat.

4. Scentsy Room Sprays.

3 Scentsy Room Sprays

Room Sprays are simply spray bottles of Scentsy Fragrance. They are compact but powerful. Perfect for use when you need a quick shot of fragrance (possibly the bathroom). We will be traveling with 3 children.

5. Scentsy Fragrance Rollers.

Sugar Fragrance Roller

These are for awesome. Compact little rollers of Scentsy fragrance parfum. You simply roll them on your pulse points and you will exude Scentsy Fragrance. Available in 12 amazing choices. Perfect for travelling.

So that’s my top 5 but there are several other options. We have many Scentsy Body products like Bath Bombs, Lotions, Body Wash and more. We also have kids products like Scentsy Buddies and Scentsy Sidekicks. The options are many. You can enjoy Scentsy anywhere!!!

Summer is often the time for travel. I wish you the best in your travels!