Have you seen the all new Scentsy Retro Truck Collection?

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Have you seen the all new Scentsy Retro Truck Collection?

OMG! This collection is soooo cute. Check out the Scentsy Retro Truck Collection. We’ve had two adorable retro trucks for a while. Now we have 5 warmer lids to accessorize the trucks.

Scentsy Retro Trucks.

We have a red one and a blue one. They are awesome element warmers for anyone who loves vintage vehicles. They also work great in a child’s bedroom.

Retro Truck Blue Scentsy Warmer Retro Truck Red Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Element Warmers use a heating element instead of a light bulb to warm the Scentsy Wax. However, these adorable trucks do have working headlights and tail lights that shine when the warmers are on. They aren’t too bright so they would not disturb anyone. It’s so cute how you place the Scentsy Wax in the bed of the pick-up. These warmers look great on their own but you can also dress them up with 5 available warmer lids that you place over the bed of the truck.

Scentsy Retro Truck Warmer Lids.

This is super exciting. You now have 5 lids to choose from. We still have the first and second options in this collection. Pumpkin Delivery and Special Delivery. Pumpkin Delivery is perfect for the Fall. It looks like you are hauling a load of pumpkins fresh from the farm. Special Delivery is a Christmas Tree that you can carry home in your vintage pick-up.

Retro Truck Special Delivery Lid Pumpkin Delivery Retro Truck Lid

We have added 3 warmer lids to the collection. You can change your lids throughout the year to correspond with the season or you can use the Warmer without any lid.

Wanderlust is our new vintage pick-up camper. It’s perfect for the weekend warrior or the full timer.

Wanderlust Retro Truck Lid

Straight From the Orchard is a truck bed full of apple bushels.

Straight From the Orchard Retro Truck Lid

Open Road is for the Motorcycle riders.

Open Road Retro Truck Lid

Feel free to browse the entire collection and as always you can order online or call 520-981-5251 for assistance.

If vintage vehicles is not your thing, don’t worry, we have tons of other Scentsy Warmers. I’m sure you can find something to fit your style.

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