Tips on how to use Scentsy wax in your warmers: This may seem like a silly and obvious thing to write about but I’m going to do it anyways. There are some tips and tricks that I think many people may need to know about using Scentsy. I’ve seen some people try some funny stuff. One customer had the warmer upside down and didn’t know why the wax wasn’t melting 🙂

Here goes…

Plug it in. break off a cube of wax and put it in the warmer. You can also cut the cube in half if it’s a strong Scent or you are using it in a small room like a guest bathroom or laundry room. Some people use 2 or more cubes. I only use 1 cube per warmer because I find that is more than enough. Plus, I’m frugal.

I know several folks that leave their Scentsy on 24/7.  I sometimes only use mine for a few hours a day. When you turn it off, the wax hardens and you can turn it on again whenever you are ready. Again, with the frugalness. This method allows me to get a longer life from my wax.

The wax never melts away or evaporates. Scentsy is not a candle. It doesn’t burn. It simply melts the wax and releases the fragrance. When the fragrance is gone, you have to change the wax. Don’t simply add wax, you will dilute it and eventually overflow and spill the warmer. There are several ways to empty the wax. I like to place one or two cotton balls in the melted wax and let the cotton soak up the wax. A few minutes later I grab the wax balls and through them out. Careful not to drip. You can also simply pour the wax out. I find that can get a little messy. If your warmer is off and the wax is hard, you can turn it on for about 10 minutes. Then it will be soft enough to use a toothpick or some other implement to “carve” around the edge of the wax and work it loose. Take your pick regarding your method. However I highly recommend that you heed the following warning.


When I was new, my husband tried it and it spilled. He warned me but I had to try myself and it spilled. I have warned customers and they still try it. Guess what. It spills. I don’t care how steady you think your hand is, you will spill it.

What Scents to use?

Ok, obviously tastes vary, so use the Scents that you like. I will mention one idea. I use a different Scent in each room and I change them periodically. This way we don’t get “nose blind” or to accustomed to the Scent that we don’t notice it. That’s what I do. I have some customers who only buy one Scent from me, ever. They love it and they don’t want to try anything else. That’s totally your prerogative 🙂