Meet the latest addition to our Scentsy Buddy Line-up.

Serena the Sleepy Bear Scentsy BuddySerena the Sleepy Bear is our newest Scentsy Buddy. You may know that all Scentsy Buddies are limited edition products. That means they are only here for while supplies last. If you like Serena I suggest you grab her now before she goes back into hibernation. She is very sleepy and could seek a comfy place to hibernate any day now.

She loves to snuggle and take naps. Your children will love to sleep with Serena and they will quickly become the best of friends. She is so adorable and she even comes with her very own blankie. She is always ready for naps. Don’t worry, she won’t loose the blankie. It is sewn in.

Serena, like all Scentsy Buddies, makes a great gift for your kids or grand-kids. She would also be a great gift for a baby shower.

All Scentsy Buddies come with the Scent Pak of your choice. Due to Serena’s propensity for naps, I suggest French Lavender or Jammy Time. They are both so soothing.

If you are not familiar with Scent Paks, they are small fabric satchels filled with scented beads that provide long lasting fragrance. Each Scentsy Buddy has a zippered pouch to hold the Scent Pak.