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Introducing the Country Canister Scentsy Warmer

The Country Canister Scentsy Warmer.


Hey, I wanted to introduce and feature another new Scentsy Warmer from the Fall/Winter 2018 catalog. The Country Canister Warmer is new and it is adorable. I love it!!!

Country Canister Scentsy Warmer

Check out this adorable little warmer. It is an element warmer which means there is not light bulb. The wax is warmed with a heating element. The Country Canister has a little black chalk board on the front and you can write whatever you want on it. It even comes with a piece of chalk an a little chalk holder clip on the back of the warmer.

It looks like a little canister that you would keep sugar in but you can write whatever you want on the chalk board. “Family”, “Memories”, “Love”, “Something Nice”, etc. Let your creativity shine. Customize it to your hearts content.

This warmer has a lid with holes in it that will allow the scent to escape. However, when I use a warmer that has a lid, I like to remove it while warming wax. I just put the lid back on when I’m not warming it. I think the scent works best with no lid.

So that’s the Country Canister Scentsy Warmer. Click the links to learn more or purchase. Also, you can call or text me anytime for assistance. 520-981-5251.

Check out my video about this warmer below.



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