That’s right, I put 5 exclamation marks on that one.

I am super excited!

This has never happened before.

During the month of May, you can

Join Scentsy for only $15!!!!

What? are you kidding me? No, I’m not.

Scentsy has been around for 15 years. So, we decided to celebrate our 15-year anniversary and share the love.

New Consultants can start their Scentsy business for only $15* — and begin their Scentsy story.

If you decide to seize this opportunity, your starter kit will include:

  • Alabaster Mini Warmer.
  • Pink Cotton Scentsy Bar.
  • 15 Fragrance Testers.
  • 15 catalogs.
  • Three months of the Scentsy Personal Website (PWS) FREE.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Three packs of new release Scented Stickers.
  • Downloadable Consultant Guide and Product Training Guide.
  • Printable order forms and other digital tools.

Join In May


What a deal!!! The Alabaster Mini Warmer itself sells for $20 and every Scentsy bar sells for $6. Just right there you have more than covered your $15 start up fee.

You can always get the standard starter kit that includes way more cool stuff if you join for $99.

However, this $15 offer is so amazing, it’s easy to take the first step on your Scentsy journey.

See where it takes you.

Now’s the time.


Click HERE for more information.


You can ALWAYS call or text me to talk about anything Scentsy.