Check out the Scentsy Warmer of the month and Scent of the month for July 2017. Can you believe it is July already? Time flies. Well as you may know, Scentsy has a warmer of the month and scent of the month every single month. We offer so many cute and creative products. I love it!!!

The July Warmer of the month is Summer Sandcastle. It will allow you to bring the beach into your home all year long. Beach decor is very popular right now and this will fit in perfectly.

Summer Sandcastle


Isn’t it adorable.

Every Warmer of the month or Scent of the month product is 10% off during it’s month. So this warmer is currently on sale for $36.00. After July, it will be $40.00. So, get yours now.


The Scent of the month for July is Pristine Waters. It’s a combination of  bergamot zest, beach grass and vetiver. Those are real things. I promise. Bergamot is a fruit that can be described as a sweet lemon. and vetiver is a fragrant grass from india.

Vocabulary lesson aside, Pristine Waters has a light, clean fragrance that will sooth you as you relax or as you don’t relax.

The 10% discount also applies to the Scent of the month so in July you can get a Pristine Waters Scentsy Bar for $4.50, Scent Circle for $2.70 or a room spray for $7.20.





Like I said, get them now while they are on sale.

Stay tuned next month to see what we have in store for August.