Scentsy warmers use a light bulb to melt the wax. There is no candle, no flame, no soot!

But, did you know that some Scentsy warmers do not have a light bulb. How do they melt the wax? I’m glad you asked. We have several warmers with a heating element instead of a light bulb. So what is the advantage of that? I can think of two. First of all, it is simply about personal preference and style. All Scentsy warmers are stylish and there are so many choices to fit in your decor. The second reason is if you simply don’t want the light from a Scentsy warmer. We use one in our bedroom so we can warm Scentsy at night without having the light on. Some people love having the light and some people don’t. Our home has a combination of all types of Scentsy warmers. I have another “element” warmer in my guest bath simply because I like it and it matches my decor in the room.


The Zen Rock warmer was inspired by tranquil spa rocks, Zen Rock combines sleek modern design with the soothing, organic tones of nature. It works great in with many decor themes. It’s subtle style is not for the flamboyant but many people love it.




The exquisite, vintage-style detailing against pastel blue porcelain in the Isabella Scentsy warmer is the very definition of pretty. I’m sure it would look great in your home!









Check out the Love Scentsy warmer. A simple earthenware surface reflects the sweet purity of Love’s message. I know you will love it!










Ok, check this out. The Accord Scentsy warmer allows you to mix and match scents. Warm one, two or three fragrances together or enjoy them one at a time! With three dishes, each featuring its own on/off button, Accord offers countless ways to get creative with your favorite scents. So go ahead and unleash your inner perfumer and create your signature blends! Available in gray or white.




There are several other “element” Scentsy warmers. If you have any interest in them, I’m sure you can find something to match your personal decor.