I know that may seem like a strange topic but I can tell you that I have seen a lot of people that could benefit from a lesson in how to order Scentsy online. If you have a trusted consultant who lives near you and provides great service that is always a great way to get Scentsy.

However, that is not always the case. You may be hooked on Scentsy and your consultant has moved away or stopped selling Scentsy. Possibly you moved or changed jobs. Whatever the circumstance, don’t despair, you can still order Scentsy online. Obviously I’d love for you to order from me.

Click HERE to do so.

But wait, let me tell you the best way to do that. When you order Scentsy online, you can get the best price if you know where to click. On any consultant’s website there is a “Specials” menu. Start there.

You will see several selections, including “Bundle and Save“. If you are simply ordering wax, I recommend the 6 Scentsy bars selection or as I call it the Scentsy 6 pack. You get 6 Scentsy bars for the price of 5. If you are getting Scentsy warmers or other Scentsy products, browse through the combine and save choices and you are likely to find a good deal.

You should also check out the “Clearance” item on the Specials menu. That is generally a selection of discontinued Scentsy products and you will get some great deals. They change frequently.

Scentsy also has promotions now and then where you can get amazing deals. I’ve seen warmers for 50-70% off. Unfortunately, these deals usually sell out fast. If you follow my blog, I will keep you informed so you have a good chance to get them.

Ok, so I hope that is helpful for you when you order Scentsy online. If you have questions, you can always contact me for more info/help. You can contact me through my website or call me at