Little Garden Warmer


We have something for everyone. Scentsy warmers are crafted with care and attention to detail. We have something for every décor and style. Vintage, classic, shabby chic, rural, urban, feminine, modern, artistic, contemporary, sporty…You can definitely find a Scentsy warmer to express your style. Add a cube or two of our extraordinary Scentsy Wax and your space will be filled with an exceptional aroma and none of the disadvantages of using candles.


Price: $40.00

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Product Short Description :

This little garden lets you show your creative side and make your own display using faux flora, rocks and more. or you can use the included three faux succulents and one bag of black stones. You can also use one of our Decorative Scenes (sold separately). Little Garden is an element warmer and is 3.5″ tall. Order online or call 520-981-5251 for assistance. Official Scentsy Consultant. Authorized website.