Manic Mansion Scentsy Warmer – DISCONTINUED


Perfect for the parlor or the porch, the Manic Mansion Warmer offsets any sinister Halloween décor with a more approachable haunted house. Handcrafted of metal (and including a green lightbulb), the warmer’s ghoulish glow, friendly ghost and broken screen door humbly beckon you in. Lift the roof to warm your favorite fragrance.

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Scentsy warmers are crafted with care and attention to detail. We have something for every décor and style. Vintage, classic, shabby chic, rural, urban, feminine, modern, artistic, contemporary, sporty…You can definitely find a Scentsy warmer to express your style. Add a cube or two of our extraordinary Scentsy Wax and your space will be filled with an exceptional aroma and none of the disadvantages of using candles. Scentsy Warmers and Wax are a superior alternative to traditional candles. You will get all the aromatic benefits of scented wax yet no flame, smoke, soot or risk of fire. Browse our warmer collection below. Browse our WAX COLLECTION HERE.


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