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Do you need instant fragrance? The Scentsy Go is here, anytime, anywhere. This portable, compact, cordless fragrance system is designed to enliven any small space with our signature scents. The Silver option will fit well in any decor. The seven color LED display makes it even more versatile. Order online or call 520-981-5251 for assistance.

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The Scentsy Go system allows you to take Scentsy fragrance with you. It is perfect for use in an office or hotel. The possibilities are limitless. Portable, battery-powered and ready to roam, the cordless Scentsy Go will create a mood wherever you go with wonderful fragrance enhanced by adjustable fragrance strength and a seven-color LED display.  You can charge the Scentsy Go with the included USB cable. Each charge is good for about 40 hours. Use with Scentsy Pods in your favorite fragrances. Each Scentsy Pod provides fragrance for about 120 hours.

1 review for SCENTSY GO SILVER

  1. Melissa

    Scentsy Go is amazing. I love using it in hotels and my husband uses one at his office. He’s not allowed to have a Scentsy Warmer. He leaves the light off and “hides” it behind his monitor.

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