Ok, so I wanted to review some Scentsy bars. I picked three very different scents that are new in the 2018 Spring/Summer Catalog. You may know that Scentsy changes the catalog twice a year and each new catalog brings new scents. We also loose some each time to make room for the new scents. Today I picked Sheer Leather, Blue Hyacinth and “A” is for Apple. I choose these three because they are very different from each other and I aim to offer something for everyone. Hopefully you will love one or more of them. Without further ado.

Sheer Leather Scentsy Bar

Sheer Leather Scentsy BarThis sensual aroma combines bergamot, with a hint of leather and sandalwood. This will likely be a favorite with those who like Weathered Leather (sadly no longer available). Sheer Leather doesn’t have as strong of a leather smell as Weathered Leather but it is a great combination with the sweetness and spice of bergamot and the woodsyness in the Sandalwood. While I would not say that it is overly masculine, I would say that it may appeal to men and women alike. It is quite balanced and doesn’t give of the dry sensation of the aroma of leather.




Blue Hyacinth Scentsy Bar

Blue Hyacinth Scentsy BarThis will be a favorite for the flower lover. It has the distinct aroma of hyacinth. I can’t really say much about it. It’s simply smells like hyacinth. If you like that aroma then you will like this Scentsy Bar. With this and all Scentsy fragrance I hesitate to say if it is a light or strong scent. I have found that everyone senses them differently. There are Scents that I find very strong and my husband can barely smell and vice versa.







“A” is for Apple Scentsy Bar

"A" is for Apple Scentsy BarI’m a little biased on this one. I always love the apple scents. This combines the scent of Macintosh and Granny Smith apples. It’s simple yet wonderful. It gives your home the fresh crisp scent of apples. I like it and if you like the scent of apples then so will you. I was sad when Apple Press was discontinued but now I have this one so I should be ok.







So, there you have it. Three great new Scentsy Bars. I know that scent is a very specific experience for everyone. You may like something totally different than what I like. Hopefully, you will like one of these. If not, we have over 80 fragrances in the catalog. I’m sure you can find something you like.


What is your favorite Scentsy Bar? Please comment below.