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Donald Duck Scentsy Buddy, Daisy Duck Scentsy Buddy
Bambi Scentsy Sidekick, Thumper Scentsy Sidekick

That’s right!!! The Scentsy Disney Collection is here! Your favorite childhood Disney characters are now available in your new favorite fragrance! Shop The Disney Collection and bring home a little Scentsy magic.

Classic characters. Exclusive fragrances. And enchantment at every turn. The Disney Collection offers a magical assortment of products designed to dazzle the kid in all of us.

We have Disney Scentsy Buddies, Scentsy Sidekicks, Scentsy Buddy Clips, Scent Circles, Scentsy Scent Packs and Scentsy Wax Bars. What a wonderful partnership!

These are already in the vault.

                  • Dumbo Scentsy Buddy with Circus Parade Scent Pak
                  • Circus Parade Scentsy Bar
                  • Stitch Scentsy Buddy with Experiment 626 Scents Pak
                  • Experiment 626 Scentsy Bar
                  • Olaf Scentsy Buddy with Warm Hugs Scent Pak
                  • Warm Hugs Scentsy Brick
                  • Tigger Scentsy Buddy
                  • Winnie the Pooh Scentsy Buddy

Many Scentsy Products go in the vault, so order now before they join their friends in the vault.

Currently Available!!!

Mickey Mouse Scentsy Buddy

Minnie Mouse Scentsy Buddy

Donald Duck Scentsy Buddy

Daisy Duck Scentsy Buddy

Winnie the Pooh Scentsy Sidekick

Tigger Scentsy Sidekick

Nemo Buddy Clip

Dory Buddy Clip

Mickey Mouse & Friends Scentsy Bar

Mickey Mouse & Friends Scent Pak

Your Pal, Mickey Scentsy Bar

Your Pal, Mickey Scent Circle

Your Pal, Mickey Scent Pak

Love & Kisses, Minnie Scentsy Bar

Love & Kisses, Minnie Scent Circle

Love & Kisses, Minnie Scent Pak

Ariel: Under the Sea Scentsy Bar

Ariel: Under the Sea Scent Circle

Belle: Enchanted Rose Scentsy Bar

Belle: Enchanted Rose Scent Circle

Twitterpated Scentsy Bar

Cinderella: Happily Ever After Scentsy Bar

Cinderella: Happily Ever After Scent Circle

Mulan: True to Your Heart Scentsy Bar

Mulan: True to Your Heart Scent Circle

Hundred Acre Wood Scentsy Bar

Hundred Acre Wood Scent Circle

Just Keep Swimming Scentsy Bar