Are you ready for an international experience like no other.

Did you know that Scentsy is available around the globe. In addition to the US, Scentsy is sold in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and many European Countries.

While our product offerings are similar in all countries, we have quite a few variations available in each market.

Well, today we are offering an international collection of best sellers to our US market. (While supplies last)

Windowsill Breeze

Grab your fragrance passport and get ready to experience a selection of Scentsy’s bestselling regional fragrances from around the world.

Most or our international markets have varied preferences when it comes to the fragrances they enjoy? However, there’s often a fragrance that really catches the attention of another region. When this happens, the Consultants and customers in other markets start asking for it, too!

Our International Wax Collection includes five of the bestselling Scentsy Bars from other regions. Bars can be purchased individually, or in a bundle for $25.

Introducing the Scentsy International Collection.

  • Lucky Star Fruit: This sunny pop of orange, apricot and starfruit is a sweet wish come true. (Popular in Europe and Australia/New Zealand)
  • Pacific Sandalwood: Creamy vanilla cashmere and cozy cotton drift over an expanse of warm Pacific sandalwood. (Popular in Australia/New Zealand)
  • Salted Lavender: Classic English lavender mingles with ocean minerals and timberwood for a salty twist on tradition. (Popular in Europe and Australia/New Zealand)
  • Strawberry & Rockmelon: Rockmelon, strawberry jam and a whisper of hibiscus shape a sweet, sunny fragrance sure to have your senses singing in tune. (Popular in Australia/New Zealand)
  • Windowsill Breeze: Fresh clean breeze flutters through crisp linen in a perfect spring moment. (Popular in Europe and Australia/New Zealand)

Which one will be your new favorite?

ORDER NOW because this collection will likely sell out fast.

If you like, you can add any or all of these Scentsy bars to your Scentsy Club subscribtion. You have to act fast for that too. The International Collection can be added to your Scentsy Club Subscription within 30 days after launch or as long as the fragrance is still available after that date.

This is a limited time offering so don’t hesitate.