Did you know that Scentsy does not hold annual conventions? Most, if not all direct sales companies have annual conventions. Many of the consultants meet and learn about new products and company changes. They get training and support each other.

Well Scentsy doesn’t have an annual convention.

We used to have convenetions. Now we actually have an annual Scentsy Family Reunion and it is great.

Heidi and Orville Thompson are the founders/owners of Scentsy. They have 5 children who have pretty much grown up with Scentsy. Several years ago, one of the kids said that she loved coming to convention. It reminded her of a family reunion. So now we call it Scentsy Family Reunion.

It really is like a family reunion, minus the drama. We meet and reunite with our Scentsy sisters (and a few brothers). We love each other, learn from each other and support each other. We share lots of good times, laughs, food, stories, etc. We also have awesome training and guest speakers. New products and company changes are reviewed. We get the inside scoop on all the new stuff. We also get a bunch of free Scentsy products. It is so much fun.

Usually they have some great entertainment. In the last 5 years I’ve seen Colbie Caillait, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Train and Jim Gaffigan perform at Scentsy Family Reunions. We’ve also had the opportunity to go to a couple Major League Baseball games. There is usually a 5K that we can participate in as well.

Scentsy Family Reunions are wonderful. It’s so great to see all of my Scentsy Family and continue supporting each other.

Last week we went to Kansas City for SFR 2017! It was great as usual. We learned about the Scentsy Go (a new product coming out September 1). See my blog post about Scentsy Go for more info. They also revealed new Scentsy Warmers and Scents, Scentsy Body products, Holiday products and more. We learned that SFR will be in Anaheim next year and will include an Exclusive Scentsy Night at Disney California Adventure Park after it closes. That should be awesome. I can’t wait to see what other surprises they have for us. You can click HERE for more info about SFR 2018!

If you’d like to join the Scentsy Family and go with me to SFR 2018, please click HERE or contact me to discuss it. I’d love to share Scentsy with you!!!

Scentsy Family Reunion