That’s right. Now is the time to stock up on Scentsy. We have our 10% off sale twice a year as we get ready for the new catalog.

Starting September 1st we will introduce the Fall/Winter 2018 Scentsy Catalog. We will have new warmers, scents and more. Well, we have to make room in the warehouse so we are offering 10% off of almost everything during the month of August.

Please note, there are some exceptions to the sale, such as the Charitable Cause products, Major League Baseball™ Collection and Campus Collection. Otherwise, enjoy the sale!!!

Oh yeah, it’s also a good time to stock up on some of your favorites because with the new catalog, we will be discontinuing lots of great scents and products to make room for the new ones. I know, it’s bittersweet.

Click HERE to check out the sale.