Once again, Summer is upon us. At Scentsy we are celebrating our adventurous side with two collections in the 2019 Summer Collection! This year we are featuring fragrances and products developed from fun camping and coastal themes.

You’ll find never-before-seen products to explore, including an oil collection inspired by the great outdoors. There is boundless fun to be had!

The Scentsy Summer Collection is available now!

While supplies last.

These are limited edition products so order now before it’s too late.

Check out our Camping themed products.

Camping Oil 3-Pack, $18 
Towering Pines Natural Oil Blend:  Indulge your woodland fantasy with fresh fir needle and eucalyptus over a touch of Peru balsam.
Nature Stroll Natural Oil Blend: Follow a fragrant path lined with bright bergamot, forest greens and rich, earthy oakmoss.
Early Bird Natural Oil Blend: A stack of flapjacks drizzled in maple syrup is as classic as a campsite sunrise.

Scentsy Bars, $6 each 
Gone Camping: Grab your tent and pick a spot where soft lilies ride meadow breezes beyond the amber woods.
Toasted Marshmallow: This summer staple goes gourmet with hints of smoked caramel and vanilla bean malt.

Scent Circles, $3 each 
Gone Camping: Take this great new Scent with you anywhere.
Toasted Marshmallow:
Enjoy this delicious aroma wherever you go.

Hit the Trail Warmer, $45: Enjoy the trails with this adorable pair of hiking boots.
Road Less Traveled Mini Warmer, $20: This popular warmer is now available in a Mini Warmer.

Road Less Traveled Mini Warmer

                 Road Less Traveled Mini Warmer










Boulder the Bear Scentsy Buddy, $35 (includes one Scent Pak): Boulder the Bear is ready for adventure in flannel and an all-weather vest. After a day of exploring, there’s nothing like settling in by the campfire to share stories and s’mores — just bring extra marshmallows for this lovable teddy! Includes the Scent Pak of your choice.


Check out our Coastal themed products.

Deserted Island Oil 3-Pack, $18 
Ocean Motion Natural Oil Blend: Coconut, tuberose and vanilla whisk you away to a warmer place.
Deep Sea Dreaming Natural Oil Blend: Dreaming Let your imagination wander with casaba melon, pink plumeria and a touch of algae absolute.
Sun Sweetened Natural Oil Blend: Coconut water, pineapple nectar and jasmine petals prove you really can bottle happiness.

Scentsy Bars, $6 each 
Driftwood Bay: Find a hideaway in layers of sea salt mist and white cyclamen scattered over sun-bleached driftwood.
Endless Sea: Sail free, as sea breeze and airy musk mingle with a hint of linen sailcloth.

Scent Circles, $3 each 
Driftwood Bay: If you love the Scentsy Bar, you will love the Scent Circle.
Endless Sea:
Enjoy the sea wherever you go with the Endless Sea Scent Circle.

In the Harbor Warmer, $30: This beautiful warmer features a quaint seaside village, hand-painted in quiet tones to echo early morning’s light.
Knotical Warmer, $20: This seaworthy warmer is sure to put the wind in your sails. Featuring sailors knots on a navy blue background.

In The Harbor Scentsy Warmer

               In The Harbor Scentsy Warmer


Saltie the Seahorse Buddy Clip with Candy Crave fragrance, $15: Make waves with the cutest seahorse you ever did see! Filled with beads scented with our Candy Crave fragrance, Saltie is perfect for clipping on backpacks, beach totes and more.

Driftwood Bay Laundry Bundle, $40  
Includes: 1 Laundry Liquid (20 oz.) and 2 Washer Whiffs (16 oz. each)

Dish Soap in Driftwood Bay, $10
Counter Clean in Driftwood Bay, $10

Bath Bomb in Endless Sea, $8
Body Wash in Endless Sea, $9
Scentsy Soak in Endless Sea, $12


Remember, these products will only be around for a limited time so order now.

If you need any assistance please call or text me.