As a Scentsy consultant, I am well aware of the many competitors in the market. I’m also aware that many are priced lower than Scentsy products. Obviously, candles have been around forever. Now there are also many other companies making warmers and wax cubes, tarts, pellets, et cetera to melt. You can go to many major retailers and find something similar to the Scentsy warmer idea. Please indulge me and let me share my thoughts.

Disclaimer: This blog is mostly opinion and as a Scentsy consultant, I am admittedly biased.

I often hear people ask me if I have anything cheap. I have to bite my tongue because I want to tell them that I don’t sell cheap products. However, I do sell products with a great value. I believe that Scensty scents smell better and last longer than any competitors. I get this information from my customers because frankly, I don’t try the competitors. Our products are offered at a great price and when you consider how long they last, you actually spend less than you would on cheaper products.

Most people understand this concept but are still temped by a lower price tag. Think about buying concentrated cleaning product, weed killer, bug spray, etc. You spend more for a smaller amount, but you use less and it lasts longer. Also think about buying a luxury car versus an economy car. They both can transport you, however, there are great differences. I could go on and on with examples. I think you get the idea.

I’m only talking about Scenty warmers and wax here because that’s what I see the most customer comments about. We do also offer diffusers, essential oils, laundry products, cleaning products and scented personal grooming products and I can proudly say that none of them are cheap. However they are all an exceptional value.

Here’s a suggestion. Take the Scentsy challenge.

Take one cube of Scentsy wax and warm it. Notice how it smells. How does the room smell? How far away can you smell it? How long does it last? You can even turn it on for a few hours today, then turn it off. Then turn it back on tomorrow. Repeat. Pay attention to all these things and then do the same with a competitor and come to your own conclusion. Remember, a Scentsy bar comes with 8 cubes of wax. Many competitors have 6 cubes of wax.

Oh yeah, in the battle of cheap versus value, I choose value.