Are you kidding me? These are soooo cute. Scentsy has made a cowboy boots warmer. It’s called the Rodeo Scentsy Warmer and it is awesome. It is the warmer of the month for August 2017. We are actually having 2 warmers of the month in August. More on that in another post.

I think this warmer is awesome and long overdue. It would look great in your home if you like western decor or anything cowboy related.


Don’t forget they are a warmer of the month in August. That means you get 10% off if you order in August. The Rodeo Scentsy Warmer will be $40.50 in August. After that it will be sold for $45.00. So get it NOW!!!! CLICK HERE to order!!!

Please forgive my grammatical inconsistency. I keep jumping from singular to plural. I know it’s a Scentsy warmer but it’s also a pair of boots. What am I supposed to say? It or they are sooo cool.

Check out the other Warmer of the month and Scents of the month for August HERE! They are all on sale in August. 10% off!!!

As always, you can order from my website or call me if you have any concerns. 520-981-5251