The Scentsy Camper Warmer (technically it’s called the Road Less Traveled) is super cute. It is quite a popular warmer. A lot of campers, full timer RVers, weekend warriors and retired folks love this one. However, I’m none of those things and I think it is adorable.

Are you ready for this? We actually offer a few other “retro” warmers. We have the Around Town Warmer which is a darling little scooter that reminds me of all the time I spent scooting around Europe an a Vespa, in my dreams! I love it.

We also have the Telly Warmer which is a through back to the old style TV and the Morning Toast Warmer which will remind you of Grandma’s toaster. I think the “Scentsy Camper Warmer” aka Road Less Traveled and the other three (Scooter, TV and Toaster are quite an adorable set and you will fall in love with them as well.

Toaster Scentsy Warmer

Morning Toast Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Camper Warmer

Road Less Traveled

Scooter Scentsy Warmer

Around Town Scentsy Warmer

TV Scentsy Warmer

Telly Scentsy Warmer











I almost forgot about Qwerty, the Typewriter Scentsy Warmer. Like the Scentsy Camper Warmer and all the rest, it is super charming. If you are a writer, the Qwerty warmer would look great in your home.

Typewriter Scentsy Warmer

Qwerty Scentsy Warmer

Tea Cup Scentsy Warmer

English Breakfast Scentsy Warmer

While, I’m talking about retro Warmers, I have to mention English Breakfast and Vintage Teapot.

They are both a little more refined than the Scentsy Camper it’s gang but they both bring to mind

a simpler time.

Scentsy Teapot

Vintage Teapot Scentsy Warmer










If you are looking for a retro look without any particular theme or item like the warmers mentioned above, you may

Parlor Scentsy Warmer

Parlor Scentsy Warmer

want to check out Parlor and Country Light. Parlor is one of my husbands favorite warmers. They both look really

beautiful and will fit in many decor schemes.

Country Light Scentsy Warmer

Country Light Scentsy Warmer


As always, I’m here to help. If you like these warmers, you are not alone. They are all beautiful in there own way. If you have different tastes, please, browse my site. I’m certain that we have something to your liking. Happy Browsing!!!