Every month we will feature a brand new Scentsy Warmer and Fragrance. The fragrance will be available in a Scentsy Bar, a Scent Circle and a Room Spray. Best of all, you will save 10% on the Scent and Warmer of the month!

June Scent & Warmer of the Month : Lemonade Pitcher & Squeeze the Day

June Scent of the Month: Squeeze the Day

Refreshing & Sweet! You’ve officially found the signature scent of Summer in this tart-and-true fragrance of pure lemons, balanced by a hint of vanilla cream.

June Warmer of the Month: Lemonade Pitcher

This all-glass ode to a treasured summertime staple features vibrant, retro-worthy artwork for a pitcher-perfect finish.

Lemonade Pitcher Scentsy Warmer: JuneWarmer of the Month


Lemonade Pitcher Scentsy Warmer
Squeeze the Day Scentsy Bar: June Scent of the Month


Squeeze the Day Scentsy Bar
Squeeze the Day Scent Circle. June Scent of the Month


Squeeze the Day Scent Circle
Squeeze the Day Room Spray. June Scent of the Month.


Squeeze the Day Room Spray