OMG!!! This is so exciting! Scentsy is releasing a limited edition collectible warmer for the Holidays.

Introducing the Tannenbaum Express Scentsy Warmer!!!

The joy of Christmas comes to life with the limited-edition 2018 Tannenbaum Express Warmer, our first to feature music and a moving train. 

This collectible warmer is only available while supplies last and includes a unique number stamped on each warmer (each one is a collector’s item), a vintage key to wind up and play “Deck the Halls” and a train that circles the warmer as the music plays. Each Tannenbaum Express Warmer comes with a 4 inch Christmas ornament that is a replica of the warmer!

This warmer sells for $120 but you can save 50% using 2 half price items host credits. Talk to me for details about hosting a party.

Tannenbaum Express Scentsy Warmer

The Tannenbaum Express would make an amazing Christmas gift or you can keep it for yourself. I plan to keep it for myself. It will be part of our family tradition for years to come.

 You can order by clicking the links above or call me to order or discuss hosting a party.