August 1st was the beginning of the Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalog Season.

We have many great new Scentsy products and fragrances.

Today we highlight 3 beautiful new Scentsy warmers.

  1. Bubbled-Ultraviolet Scentsy Warmer: This work of art inspires wonder with  pearly iridescence purple transforming a contoured, organic shape into a major statement that looks ready to pop. This beauty undulates with contours reminiscent of blown glass.

    Bubble - Ultraviolet Scentsy Warmer

               Bubble – Ultraviolet Scentsy Warmer

  2. Deja Moo Scentsy Warmer: This divine bovine is perfect for your collection. Deja Moo features a wood whittled look and fun, farm vibe. Great for a slice of Americana.
    Deja Moo Scentsy Warmer

                       Deja Moo Scentsy Warmer


  3. Sweet Love Scentsy Warmer: Galvanized steel gives this timeless declaration a sturdy, rustic feel, while an Edison bulb shines through cutout hearts in the back to cast a sweet pattern when lit.

    Sweet Love Scentsy Warmer

                      Sweet Love Scentsy Warmer

These three New Scentsy Warmers are diverse and beautiful.

If you’d like to see the rest of the New Scentsy Warmers, click HERE.