Ok, I must confess that the Etched Core Scentsy Warmer is one of my favorites. I LOVE it. Why do I love it so much?


I’m about to show and tell you three reasons why I love it and you will to.

1. Halloween.

What? That is a strange reason. Well Check it out. Well Scentsy makes Warmer Wraps to go on the Etched Core Warmer and we usually have a new one for Halloween. I can easily replace my usual wrap with my Halloween wrap for the month of October and it looks great and has a low cost. This year we have the Raven Wrap for only $18. When Halloween is over, I put my usual wrap back on.

Raven Warmer Wrap

2. Christmas.

Can you see where this is going? We also have Christmas Warmer Wraps. I love using them as well. I use my Christmas wrap in December and when Christmas has come and gone, I put it back in the closet. The wraps are smaller and easier to store than full size warmers. They also cost significantly less. I love the versatility. This year we are featuring the Peace Warmer Wrap.

Peace Warmer Wrap

3. Everyday Style & Versatility.

As I’ve mentioned, we have Holiday Warmer Wraps. Well, we also have wraps to use any day in any decor. Or, you can use the warmer without a wrap. It looks great that way as well. I have several wraps. Scentsy has been making them for several years and we get new offerings often.

Moose Valley Warmer Wrap


Check out the CLEARANCE section of my website and you will also find some discontinued Warmer Wraps that are on sale. As of this writing, there are 2 Christmas Wraps in clearance as well as several other everyday wraps.


Also note that we have another Scentsy Warmer that will work with the wraps. The Carrara Warmer is similar to the Etched Core but it features a marble like finish. The Etched Core is priced at $30 while the Carrara is available at $35.

Carrara Warmer

As always, you can order through my site or contact me for assistance. 520-981-5251