So, I have quite a few customers who decorate their home with a Western/Cowboy theme. I thought I’d write a post compiling the best Scentsy Warmers to use with Western Decor (in my opinion).

Without further ado. Here we go, in no particular order.

This one is new to Scentsy in the Fall/Winter 2018 catalog. The Unbridled Scentsy Warmer features a horse silhouette on corrogated metal. The rectangular warmers is a weathered green color and resembles faded barn wood. It is perfect for horse lovers.



Open Plains Scentsy Warmer

Open Plains Scentsy WarmerOpen Plains is also new to this catalog. It is perfect for those who love open spaces. This is the Warmer that Gus McCrae would have. He is from Lonesome Dove for those of you who don’t know. That’s one of my husbands favorite books (He told me that Gus would like this one).


This one is called Lone Star Warmer. Need I say more. I mean just check it out. It is beautiful. The rustic star is displayed over a pattern resembling reclaimed barn wood.


Well speaking of stars, Check out the Tin Can Stars Scentsy Warmer. This one is also a new one in 2018. It looks like a tin can but it’s really not. It’s Ceramic. It has several stars of varying sizes that are made simply of holes punched in the “tin can”. It is quite impressive.


Ok, one more star. This one features a burlap design with a red star proudly displayed. You will love it!


There are more warmers that you may feel fit into this post but I think I’ll leave it at that. Look for future posts about “Country Living” and “Nature & Outdoor” Scentsy Warmers. There could be some overlap in these categories but in my opinion these 5 are the best for Western Decor.

Oh, Yeah, You will need wax in these warmers. Obviously, you can warm any type of Scentsy wax but to go along with the Western Theme I’d recommend Weathered Leather or Red Cedar & Sage Scentsy Bars.

You can learn more about any of these warmers and purchase them by clicking the images. You can also call or text me for assistance. 520-981-5251.