So, I have actually heard a number of people express a concern about having Scentsy in their home. If you don’t know, a Scentsy warmers is a beautiful piece of décor that has a light bulb or a heating element that warms wax in a small dish. We have several styles from Night Light types (mini warmers) that plug directly into the wall to table top warmers that have a cord to plug into the wall. Our tallest ones are about 10 inches but we have several sizes. When the warmer is on the wax melts and is thus a liquid. People voice concern that their kids would spill it or break the warmer.

Well, obviously that is a possibility. However, isn’t that possible with anything. Do you ever drink a beverage in your home with children present. Actually, I find that quite challenging with my 2 year old. If I sit on the couch to relax with a cup of coffee, I have to constantly play defense 🙂

So, yes, children could spill or break a warmer. It’s true. I suggest you send the kids away. I’m joking. Believe me, my son is EXTREMELY curious and active. He is in everything. We have managed to continue using Scentsy (in every room in the house). We use Night Light warmers in the kitchen where he can’t reach them and the table top warmers are on furniture that is against the wall so he can’t mess with those either, yet. He has never broken any. However, I have.

One thing that I like to point out is that if you have candles and they get knocked over, they will spill wax and could possibly start a fire. They also could start a fire if you leave the house and don’t blow them out. If you use Scentsy and it gets knocked over, it will also spill wax but won’t start a fire if you knock it over or forget to turn it off.

Now, can someone please entertain my son so I can set my coffee on the end table for ten minutes?